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Property Management in Portugal.

Ennis Property Management are specialists in property management in Portugal.

Cleaners at work

Our service is comprehensive - we do everything for you, whether your villa is just for you to enjoy or whether you want to rent it out to pay for its upkeep.

Experience shows that a well-managed villa not only retains its value but is less of a target to unwelcome visitors! Let us keep our eye on it.

Kevin and Toni Ennis

Our Services also include..

  • property search
  • regular property inspections
  • villa maintenance and decoration
  • gardening and pool cleaning
  • cleaning and pre-arrival preparation
  • visitor rep service
  • general administration

Your property in Portugal is a major investment but should also be a source of great enjoyment for you and your family. The key to this enjoyment is peace of mind.

Pool Cleaning

Like all investments your property abroad needs to be properly managed so that you can enjoy it to the full - confident in the knowledge that your Portuguese home is being cared for by an experienced team, working for you and with your interests at heart.

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